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About the book


Here you can buy the book "Uhae na... Bulgaria" ("Ухае на...България"), which contains the favorite traditional recipes of generations of Bulgarians! Literally translated, the name means "Smells like... Bulgaria". So tasty!


The recipes in this cook book are clear and easy to follow and we hope that even a newbie in the kitchen can successfully prepare them. And the best thing is: if you have difficulties, you can check the more detailed online version of (most of) the recipes in the Bulgarian-language food blog https://uhaena.com/ (you can easily translate them online)! And that's not all - book author Petya Argirova is always happy to help her readers with any questions they may have about the recipes!


This cookbook is an amazing present for your Bulgarian friends... or any other friends of Bulgaria and its cuisine! Right now you can buy it in Bulgarian language, but we hope that its translations in other languages will be available soon... because we are sure that food can bridge the gaps between different cultures!


About the author


Petya Argirova is a Bulgarian food blogger living in Germany, who has been blogging for more than 10 years. Her blog https://uhaena.com/ has had millions of views... and counting! Next to the blog's Facebook page with close to 20 thousand followers (August 2023), she is also administering the enormous Bulgarian-language Facebook group "Обичам да готвя" ("I love to cook"), which will soon have 100 000 members!


Since she moved to the peaceful German province Rheinland-Pfalz, Petya has worked in a few German restaurants, has mastered the art of sugar decorations and never got tired to tell the world about the amazing things she cooks at home or tries around the world. Her other passions are making unique cakes for special occasions, hiking and taking care of her 4 beautiful grandchildren.


Photo credit: The photo on this page was taken by photographer Tihomir Iliev. Thank you!

A look in the Bulgarian culinary book "Uhae na... Bulgaria" by Petya Argirova

Dear friends, we are very excited to announce that Petya Argirova's book "Smells of... Bulgaria" can now be bought online worldwide! The book is based on the great Bulgarian classics that you love from the blog https://www.uhaena.com/.